Trip to Bodnant Garden

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up – the June garden called me, loudly and often. Thanks must go to Mary and Guy who supplies me with words and images very quickly after the trip, which by all accounts was a lovely day out.

The next meeting is on the 8th July and is Honey Bees in your Garden with Paul and Pauline Aslin

If you click on an image in the gallery below, it will bring up a slideshow for all the images.

Words by Mary Howell – Images by Guy Lloyd

Sun shone on Bodnant gardens and its visitors on Monday.  A perfect day for wandering the lawns and parterres or even sitting, sun drenched, to contemplate the beauty of the place.

The late spring left the glories of the laburnum arch and the best of azaleas and rhododendrons in bloom.  Colour and vistas inspired rather than daunted and were all but magical.

Gardeners were generous with their advice on pruning.

‘Less is more,’ one told us, delicately tying in a climbing rose.

‘But don’t be afraid either. There is no mystery to it. Just.. like.. so,’

and she angled her secateurs below a spray of buds with out a trace of fly or blight.  The bright green leaves shivered and we held our breath. The gardener laughed but did not snip.

Most of us came away with something either to plant out or ideas to sew and let flourish in years to come.