Press release – July Meeting

At the meeting on 8th July Chairman Tony Bowers welcomed all present and hoped that with the wonderful weather we were experiencing there should be no shortage of summer show entries.

Guy Lloyd reminded us of monthly gardening tasks. Apart from weeding and lawn mowing we should prune shrubs such as broom and philadelphus.  Guy also kindly answered member’s questions on a variety of horticultural problems.

We were most privileged to welcome two speakers Paul and Pauline Aslin from Arthog. The couple have kept honey bees for a couple of years and they gave us an insight into the world of the honey bee and bee keeping. We were told about the bee colony including the queen, workers and drones, their life-cycle and tasks undertaken as they develop. The bees also have astounding communication skills on where to find and how far to fly to obtain nectar.

The beekeeper works with the bees ensuring that they have good dry hives, eliminate pests and flexible space to enable more honey storage and maximum production.

The Aslin’s produce beeswax, skin care produce as well as honey.  Members were able to purchase items and view a live exhibit of honey bees.

The winner of the monthly competition was Sian Ward.

The vote of thanks was given by Tony who reminded us that the next event is the summer show on 14th August. Donations to the produce table and also volunteers to prepare the hall at 5pm on 13th August appreciated.

Sian Ward

Press Officer