A Wonderful Summer!

What a wonderful summer we have had! It quite took me back to the summers of my childhood in Llanaber, when the sun shone, the sea was warm and the plants grew. For me, the (comparative) lack of wind was the best bit.

During the last 3 months we have had some fabulous meetings at the Dyffryn and Talybont Garden Club. June saw John Massey MBE VMH from Ashwood Nurseries visiting us for a wonderful evening of laughter and information. John kept us entertained for 2 hours with his anecdotes, poetry and sublime images of his private gardens. The images depicted the gardens in summer and gently moved to the luminous days of Autumn. If there is one thing that I took from this meeting, it was John saying that he didn’t want his garden to look “planted” and that is what I would wish for with my own garden. The talk was held in the Village Hall and was well attended by members and guests. Truly an evening to remember.

In our July meeting we welcomed a long time friend of the garden club;- Mrs. Ann Dutton. Many of our members have attended Ann Dutton’s floral art workshops in the past. Ann kindly donates her time to be one of our judges at the Spring Show and came to give us a flower arranging “Masterclass”, to encourage members to enter into the floral arts section of our summer show. I can quite honestly say I am no flower arranger, more of a “plop ’em in a vase” (or in my case, usually a teapot) kind of person. However, by the end of the evening I had managed to create not one but two flower arrangements using a container, oasis, green stuff (foliage) and flowers … result! This “masterclass” gave me the encouragement I needed to enter a small arrangement in our summer show last week.

It has been such a treat to have two meetings with such knowledgeable and generous speakers.

Our most recent event has been the highlight of our club calendar:- “The Summer Show”. It was a lovely show. However, as I will be sharing this blog with Kate, one of our committee members – I will leave it to her to fill you in on the details of the show.

Hopefully, as we will now be dividing the workload, one of us will be in front of the computer at some point each month. I confess – this summer has been too lovely for me to sit at my desk!

At our next meeting which will be held on Monday 8th September 2014 we welcome Bill Warrell who will be talking about “The History of and behind the scenes at Bodnant Gardens”. This will take place in the Church Hall and starts at 7.00pm