What a summer show!

The end of August sees the Garden Club’s summer show in the village hall. Every year it is different, because the weather presents us with different opportunities and challenges, and every year it’s the same – because it is always an impressive display of talent.

The day starts with the exhibitors arriving, carrying impressive flower arrangements or intimidating cabbages across the road and into the hall. Then there’s the display stage:

setting up

as people try and persuade tomatoes to stand upright, onions to balance on their stands and dahlias to stay exactly where they should, facing the front – and the judges.

Then comes the moment of truth, as all the exhibitors have to leave and the hall is left to the stewards and the judges. It suddenly goes very quiet, and there’s a brief moment as everyone gets organised when you can bend down and appreciate some of the miniature flower arrangements without worrying about blocking the view of other people…

snail shell arrangement

For a while, all that can be heard are footsteps – the footsteps of the judges walking slowly and carefully around their various sections. Murmuring begins as the judges pass on their views to the stewards, who add the sounds of writing, filling in their forms. And then it becomes less quiet as the judging finishes: prize cards are being written out and chatting begins.

And then, at 2pm, the doors are opened and people can come in and see how they’ve done or just marvel at the sheer range of produce and flowers and arrangements and crafts and tomatoes and blackberry whisky and bread and cakes and…

Click on an image for a slideshow:

And why not enter next year, if you didn’t this time? Go on, got for it!


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