Many of our members came to the AGM at the St David’s Golf Club, and most stayed on for a very enjoyable (and extremely chatty) meal afterwards. Our Chairman’s – OK, Karen’s – address described the past year as ‘joyful’, and I think we all felt that it had been a very happy year for the club, with some excellent talks, great shows and inspiring trips to other gardens. Plus we learned lots of helpful things, from how to train azaleas into elegant Japanese shapes (sounds possible) to what bacterial canker looks like when you put a sample in a plastic pot and bring to a gardening club (not pleasant).

The schedule for the next year is available now (click on the menu at the top for a brief outline, or here), and because pictures of a meeting are not as inspiring as pictures of plants, here’s something that is happening in many of our gardens right now:

Magnolia stellataMagnolia stellata. Spring is most emphatically here.

Just a bit of business: Karen was reelected as chairman; all other officers and members of the committee were re-elected; two new committee members are joining us, and two have stepped down. The membership fee stands at £5 per annum – very, very reasonable considering the quality of our speakers, visits and shows – but we will be charging visitors to meetings £1 from now on: it helps cover their refreshments, apart from anything else.

Oh, and next year’s spring show – on 21 March – will be followed by an event in the evening, instead of having a speaker earlier in the month. It will be a cheese and wine evening, but with a difference – a seed and young plant swap. So if you have any spare (but viable, of course) seed left over from this year’s sowing, bear this in mind!



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