Garden visiting, April

Last Monday we had a treat – not only was the weather stunning (it seems to have gone backwards since then, and there are reports of snow further north), but we had two lovely gardens to visit, both belonging to members.

They were quite different, though they both had lovely views, with the sea glittering in the distance. First was an established garden, with mature trees, a woodland area and a stream:


and then came a more recent garden, one a bit higher up and which had, only six years ago, been a building site but which now has some lovely planting, a vegetable garden and hens:

veg beds and lawn

The first garden gave us some serious ideas about the value of running water, and made some of us develop a case of gunnera envy. There were also some sweet species tulips, and a lot of the lovely black-leaved violets which some of us grow so successfully (click on an image for a slideshow),

In the second garden, almost everybody stopped immediately by the gate to admire a beautiful, beautiful pasque flower – quite the largest and healthiest some of us had seen for ages (some people missed it, possibly because they arrived by car; many of us walked through the woods between the two gardens instead). And there were other treats:

Plus, there was the extra treat of tea – and cakes!

Many thanks to our members who kindly opened their gardens to us, and allowed us to gain so much inspiration.



8 thoughts on “Garden visiting, April

  1. Most enjoyable afternoon, so good to share gardens with our members. for anybody interested the Tulip at Mary’s is Tulipa bakeri Lilac Wonder. Several people enquired about it, and I had forgotten the name.

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