Worth braving the weather – garden visiting

There’s not much doubt that the weather has been somewhat questionable of late. We had a garden visit scheduled for last Monday, and it poured down all morning. It did peter out around lunchtime, but the sky continued to look threatening and only a few hearty souls made it to the garden we’d been invited to look round. Which was a shame, because it was amazing!

How’s this for a view, to start with?


The front of the garden slopes down very steeply towards the road, and a series of terraces with protective hedges have been created to make the most of the site – and it is stunning. Everything seems to flourish in the protection, and the planting is lush:


At the back is a large garden with mature trees, interesting planting and a pond. There are some lovely colour combinations in the beds – a feature everywhere, but they seemed particularly noticeable here.

back garden

Throughout there are a number of large rocks which are very much part of the garden –  an excellent example of making the most of something which cannot be changed. Rabbits are another thing which cannot really be changed, and all the beds here are protected.

It’s a lovely, lovely garden – and most of us had no idea at all it was here. We’ve driven past the lane leading to it; we’ve driven on the road below the slope many, many times. But we had no inkling that such a lovely place existed. But it wasn’t just us – apparently the owners first came to view the house about 30 years ago, they couldn’t find it either. But then the gardens were completely overgrown. What a wonderful difference they have made.

We’d like to thank our hosts for their hospitality, and offer huge thanks to the garden club members who made the visit possible.

Here are a few more photos; just click on an image for a slideshow.


6 thoughts on “Worth braving the weather – garden visiting

  1. So sorry we were unable to share this with you, but we do know this garden & you have shown it with your photographs to its advantage. Thankyou Kate. Excellent.


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