The big day!

Wednesday, 12 August (otherwise known as yesterday) saw the annual Summer Show in the village hall, and it was still spectacular in defiance of one of the most peculiar growing seasons in recent years. But it didn’t seem to have bothered the local gardeners overmuch, judging by the display they put on – even in the first section, that devoted to vegetables and fruit, the one where there should have been a distinct lack of entries.

vegetable surprise

We’ve all been complaining about poor potatoes, rotting onions and courgettes, and tomatoes which are failing to ripen, but you would never have guessed that there had been problems. In fact, the judge for this section specifically commented on it – he said how wonderful the selection was, and that other shows had been very poor in comparison!

We had more entries for flower arranging than we usually do, as well – and the arrangements  looked quite spectacular (especially the one with the biggest leaf in the world – no comment).


And, of course, there’s the bear. He’s not a prop; he was a competition – guess the name of the bear and take him home. We can say ‘he’ now with confidence, because his name was revealed as Sydney, and the person who named him confirmed that he was, indeed, a boy Sydney and not a girl of the same name (just in case anyone wasn’t there for the draw).

But it’s not just about veg, guessing the name of a teddy and transporting unfeasibly huge leaves to the hall without damaging them. It’s also about flowers, produce, cookery and crafts. The flowers were stunning, especially the beautiful fuchsia which won best in that section and which, unfortunately, was impossible to photograph. That’s a shame, because the judge described it as ‘pretty much perfect’ – huge congratulations. And the produce and the rest – aaaaappetizing. And that includes the crafts (lovely sewing, as you’d expect from a village with not just one quilting group but two).

First, since they were particularly impressive given the conditions, here’s a selection of the vegetables. Just click on an image for a slideshow.

Now for the flowers and, something we’ve not concentrated on particularly in the past (apologies), the flower arranging.

What a lovely day, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped – and especially to Bryan and Anita, who are the show organisers and who do such a fantastic job. Thank you to the judges, the stewards, the competition and raffle organisers, the committee, all the exhibitors and all our appreciative visitors. Thank you!

(And if you’re wondering about entering next year – please do. In the next post there’ll be some extremely useful tips and hints, wheedled out of the judges as they enjoyed their lunch. Interestingly there was a common theme… wait and see what it was!)


4 thoughts on “The big day!

  1. Excellent work done by you too, behind the scenes Kate , in preparation of the paper work, so essential to the smooth running of prizes on the day. A great show. Thankyou.


    • Thanks, and big, big thanks to Jane and Anita and Anthia and Bryan – all completely instrumental in ensuring the prizes were easily and quickly distributed….


  2. Well done Kate for getting this up so promptly. Yes the show certainly exceeded my expectations, congratulation to all who entered, and for making it such a special day in the Garden Clubs calendar. Well done to all those behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to make it successful. I hope the stress of preparing the hall the night before was offset by the occasion!


    • A very spectacular day – and one professional photographer (from outside the area) double-checked with our Chairman that it was all locally grown, as he couldn’t believe it. Personally I can’t believe how many people managed to display wonderful veg and fruit, either. Amazing…

      So much work goes on behind the scenes of something like the show, and it was lovely to have so many helping hands – even if it was a bit chaotic!


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