Football clubs and other gardening questions

Our January meeting was something we’d not tried before: a gardeners’  quiz night.


We were split into groups by colour card, given out in a random order as we came in, so we couldn’t all try and be on the same table as the most knowledgeable among us. And – after considerable chatting – we soon got going.

Try a few. The answers are at the end of the post – NO, don’t scroll down! (For those who were there, some of these questions didn’t get asked because we ran out of time.)

1a. Solanum tuberosum is the Latin name for what vegetable?
b. What are the main attributes of Cornus alba and Cornus sanguinea?
c. Which fruit has the highest oil content?
d. Maximus, Montgomery and Bedford are varieties of what?

quiz 22. a: From which shrub do we get tea?
b: In WW2, two cartoon characters were created to encourage children to eat vegetables – gardeninghat were they called?
c: What is the fruit of humbles lupulus?
d: Which Premier League football club are known as ‘The Cherries’?

3. a: Red core is a disease of which fruit?
b: Common, Blue, Brandling and Cockspur are all varieties of what organism?
c: What sort of tree is a Gean or Mazzard?
d: Which weed is called ‘poor man’s weatherglass’ because its flowers close when rain is imminent?

quiz 3

We also had a seed identification test, which was worrying – especially to those of us who confused tomatoes and parsnsips. That could explain a lot!

Finally, the winners were the Purple People Eaters – congratulations and bottles of wine to them – who won, essentially, because one of them knew the answer to 2d. Nobody else had a clue!

1a: Potato b: coloured stems in winter,  c: the olive,  d: Brussels sprout
2a: Camellia sinensis,  b: Potato Pete and Dr. Carrot, c: the hop, d: Bournemouth AFC
3a: Strawberry; b: worms, c: cherry, d: scarlet pimpernel


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