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The wonderful Spring Show, which should have been happening in a couple of weeks’ time, has had to be cancelled. This is typical of why:

It’s the dreadful weather we had last week. If people were lucky enough to escape without any damage to their properties, and with all their trees intact, their gardens were not equally fortunate. The snow, the dry, cold wind and then Storm Emma have put paid to our dreams of filling the village hall with the glorious scent of daffodils en masse.

Even tough winter plants didn’t survive:

Poor hellebores.

So, following a ring-round of the most prolific exhibitors – the flower arrangers, too, were having problems: no decent foliage was left – and the committee, we made the unhappy decision to cancel the show this year. So very sorry – but we’ll be back next year, and better than ever.


The Spring Show, 2017

The Spring Show is always a delight. The hall is filled with the scent of all the daffodils, reminding everyone of the fact that they do have a strong perfume, the colours are a joy after winter.

(This was a prize-winning entry in one of the Flower Arranging classes.)

This year was no exception and, amazingly given some of the strange weather we have had, entries were up. It’s been difficult keeping on top of quality – wind and sudden sharp drops in temperature have taken their toll – but there was a stunning and varied selection.

One of the most spectacular entries was this gorgeous orchid, in the class for flowering pot plants:

and how about this pot of beautiful species tulips, which was judged best in show for the non-Flower-Arranging classes?

But there were some little charmers as well, like this Anemone blanda, one of three – the class demands three identical blooms – which managed to stay presentable (and open) during the show.

Many, many thanks to everyone who entered, everyone who came along, to the judges and the stewards and the committee and the show organisers. Lovely day!

(And apologies for the delay in this post, caused by a mixture of work, computer problems and – hopefully – the last nasty bug of the winter.)

Spring show and swapping seeds

It’s been a very odd winter and early spring but, despite conditions which saw daffs flowering before Christmas and many gardens much boggier than usual, the annual Spring Show was still a very impressive display. Many of us have had problems with hellebores this year (look up ‘hellebore black death’ and keep your fingers crossed) – but not all of us:

Mary's hellebores

These, from Mary, won best in show for the non-flower-arranging side.

Margaret’s best in show flower arrangement was lovely too:

Margaret's flowers

Two of the most instantly stunning exhibits were a magnificent Clivia (even the leaves were perfection) and a gorgeous amaryllis. Needless to say, they both won firsts in their classes.

In the evening, quite a few of us gathered to have a glass of wine (or elderflower cordial) and nibbles. We were there to swap seeds

veg seeds

or take away some plants (the broad beans and begonias were particularly popular), and there was much chatting and general winding down – very enjoyable. And very tasty on the food front, not to mention those begonias.

baby plants

We hope everybody enjoyed themselves. The exhibitors should all be very proud – particularly James, who won the under-5 moss garden with an entry which everyone adored – and huge thank you to everyone!

Here’s a gallery of highlights, including that moss garden. Just click on an image for a slideshow.


Spring is definitely here…

…even if it’s sooooo cold and there are reports of snow on the tops. It’s here because we’ve just had the Spring Show.


Admittedly there wasn’t a single entry in the tulip class this year, and there was a marked absence of white daffodils, but the show was still spectacular.

The sweetest little bowl of pushkinia (‘any other flowering bulbs/corms in a pot’) won best in show:


So unusual, and so perfect.

The flower arranging was particularly well supported this year – check out the photographs in the gallery below – but there were also a lot of entries in other classes, especially the species, dwarf and miniature daffodils class.

miniatures etc

(Last year, this class was comparatively light, so we’d allocated it a smaller space. We had to move it to a larger table – and even so this was taken before everyone had brought their entires in. An amazing variety!)

Here are a gallery of images from the day. Just click on one for a slideshow, where you’ll see the captions fully (and click on the little X at the top to return to the post). There are some more on our Facebook page, too, which is here.


Press release – Spring Show

The club holds its spring show on Saturday 22nd March at Dyffryn village hall.

The show is open to all with no exhibitor’s fees or entry forms required.

There are nineteen classes including one for children up to ten years of age.

No cash prizes awarded except for the children’s section although cups will be awarded for the best exhibits in sections one and two. Cups are retained for one year.

Exhibits to be staged between 10am and 11.30am with doors opening to the public at 2pm. Refreshments and raffle available.

Schedules are available from local shops. Any queries – please drop an email via the contact page.

Spring Show – March 27th 2013

Last month, I found the talk on climate change fascinating, the two things that I remember most are;- that the weather we would experience would generally become more extreme. (Think back to about this time last year when it was t-shirts, shorts and barbecues) and that there would generally be more wind. More wind there was! The village was hit by gales of wind for a period of 24 hours a week before our Spring Show. Trees and shrubs were uprooted, fences blown down and whole greenhouses completely transported into adjoining fields. The wind, combined with the cold weather meant that many gardens looked somewhat ravaged and with this in mind, (although entries were slightly lower than previous years) it was wonderful to see such a turn out at the Dyffryn and Talybont Gardening Club Spring Show yesterday.


(If you click on any of the images they open slightly bigger in a new window)

Sadly some flowers did not put in an appearance at the show this year, noticeably tulips, hyacinths and white daffodils. But members searched through their camellias and found blooms that were undamaged by the wind and salvaged daffodils laid low by the weather.

I really enjoyed the “exhibit of flowers not already mentioned” category – here were found some spring gems, made more precious by their diminutive size, and these shy blooms meant that there was peering, lots of peering!


22 different people won places for their entries at the show – and some of these were won by our newest members. One of our new members has written about entering the village show for the first time;- Surprises and the Spring Show. (This link will open in a new window)

Local children also entered their Spring Collages, which were very jolly and a complete joy to see.

To everyone who took part – big thanks for entering your flowers and flower arrangements and making the day such a success.

The next meeting will be the AGM, which will be held at the Harlech Golf Club on the 8th April 2013 at 6.30 p.m.  and members are most welcome to attend the meeting, even if they have opted out of the dinner.