Spring Show


In 2018 the Spring show will be on Tuesday 20 March, in the Village Hall. It’s a fun and  informal village flower show and everyone is welcome.  Doors open at 2.00pm. Entrance to the show is free and there will be a raffle with some lovely prizes. We look forward to seeing you there!

You don’t have to be a member to enter anything into the show. There are no exhibiting fees and no entry forms are required: just turn up on the day with your exhibits after 10.30 a.m. and before 11.30. Schedules are available in the local shops, or use the form on the contact page. Here’s a summary of the classes (the full T&Cs are on the schedule):

SECTION 1 – Daffodils and narcissi:
1. Large trumpet / large cup
2. Small cup
3. Double and split corona
4. Small cup and multi-flowered (excluding dwarf) varieties
5. Dwarf and miniature varieties, including species and multi-flowered

Don’t worry if you’re unsure which class your daffodils are. Bring them along on the day. There will be pictures (click for a link to the images), and a steward will help.

Other classes:
6. Tulips, 3 stems, one variety
7. Hyacinths in a bowl
8. Any other flowering bulbs/corms in a pot
9. Polyanthus, multi-flowered heads, 3 stems
10. Primroses, single-flowered heads, 3 stems
11. Single hellebores – 3 floating blooms (no foliage, just the flower)
12. Double hellebores – 3 floating blooms (no foliage, just the flower)
13. Camellia – 1 floating bloom (no foliage, just the flower)
14. Flowering tree or shrub, 1 stem, max length 24 inches
15. Flowers not already mentioned, 3 stems, one variety
16. Flowering pot plant

SECTION 2 – Flower arranging:
17. Arrangement of spring flowers on the theme ‘New Beginning’
18. Arrangement of spring flowers on the theme ‘Trip the Light Fantastic’, to include branches of catkins and/or blossom
19. Petite decoration, 9 inches wide by 9 inches high maximum
20. Posy of spring flowers and foliage, hand-tied and in water, 18 inches by 18 inches maximum.

(Size of entries in classes 17 and 18 should be no larger than 24 inches in width or depth – height is unlimited, and accessories are allowed for these classes. Arrangements to arrive pre-assembled, only final adjustments allowed in the Hall.)

Do enter – it’s a lovely show. Just keep fingers crossed for the weather!