Summer show schedule, 2017

The schedule for the summer show is much longer than that for the spring show, so this is a summary. Full details, rules and an entry form (returnable by Saturday 5 August – no late entries will be permitted, ahem) can be obtained from shops in the village including the Post Office, An Artist’s Garden (opposite the garage, who will also have copies) and from the show organisers, Brian and Anita. Entry fees are 20p per entry for members in all classes, and 35p for non-members – open classes only. There are no fees for children.

Please don’t try and enter without checking out the full schedule – there’s much more information in there that you will need, including maximum sizes, etc. And you can have two entries in a class, as long as they are different varieties.

Section One: Vegetables and fruit
I. Three beetroot
2. Three pods of peas
3. Three pods of French beans
4. Two courgettes, a matching pair
5. Three sticks of rhubarb
6. Three cooking apples
7. Three eating apples
8. A cucumber
9. A table marrow
10. Heaviest potato
11. Head of garlic
12. Longest runner bean
13. Six cherry tomatoes

14. Three white potatoes
15. Three coloured potatoes
16. Three onions from seed
17. Three onions from sets
18. Five shallots
19. Three pods of runner beans
20. Three tomatoes
21. A cabbage, with roots
22. A dish of soft fruit, one variety
23. A bunch of six named herbs in a jam jar
24. Any other fruit not listed above (one variety)
25. Any vegetable not listed in section 1 (one variety).

Section Two: Flowers and pot plants
26. Three French marigolds
27. Three pinks
28. Three pansies
29. Three blooms of hydrangea (mop head)
30. Three blooms of hydrangea (lace cap)
31. Single stem of any other hydrangea (e.g. paniculata types)
32. Three stems of annual sweet peas
33. A stem of a flowering shrub
34. Any other flower, three stems
35. A pot fuchsia
36. A pot geranium
37. A pot begonia in flower
38. A house plant for foliage
39. A cactus or succulent
40. Mixed flowers in a jam jar, max 15 stems, different varieties

41. A specimen rose
42. Three specimen gladioli
43. A houseplant in flower, not listed above
44. Three dahlias, same variety
45. Five dahlias, different varieties.

Section Three: Floral art
46: Minature arrangement
47. Petite decoration
48. An arrangement using three flowers with foliage
49. Traditional
50. A modern arrangement, theme: RNLI

51. An assorted foliage arrangement.

Section Four: Produce and wine
(must be dated this year to enable comparison between younger and more mature entries)
52. A jar of fruit curd
53. Jar of pickles
54. Jar of chutney
55. Jar of marmalade
56. Jar of jelly
57. Jar of dark fruit jam
58. Jar of jam (any other fruit)

59. Sloe or damson gin
60. Blackberry whisky
61. Homemade lemonade
62. White wine
63. Red wine
64. Apricot vodka
65. Elderflower syrup

Section Five: Photography. OPEN CLASSES.
66. Cactus or succulent
67. River or stream

Section Six: Craft. OPEN CLASSES. Entries must not have previously been shown here
68. A cross-stitch piece
69. A hand and/or free-machine embroidery piece
70. A piece of hand-made jewellery
71. A two- or three-dimensional patchwork item
72. A knitted garment or wearable, any age
73. An unframed painting or drawing: ‘the sea’.

Section Seven: Handicraft. OPEN CLASS
74. Any item crafted in hard material – wood, slate, etc.

Section Eight: Cookery. OPEN CLASSES
75. Five fruit muffins
76. Three cheese scones
77. 1lb bara brith, using own recipe
78. Coffee cake, 8 inch
79. Plaited granary loaf
80. Bakewell tart

Section Nine: Children. OPEN CLASSES. For all age groups, a painting, drawing or item of cookery with RNLI or the sea as the theme
81. 7 years and younger
82. 8-11 years
83: 12-15 years

If you’re thinking about entering some of the open classes, consider this… there are so many more classes which you can ever if you’re a member, and the show is such fun, that it’s got to be worth joining us. Only £7.50, too. You’ll probably win that back with your heaviest potato, jar of chutney and miniature floral decoration (yes, there are modest prizes, and some awards).



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